MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD (WUSA9) – A Montgomery County Officer is being credited with saving the life of a 7-year-old girl with autism named Sahara.

Sahara went missing March 4th, when she managed to get away from her baby sitter. Sahara, known as Mookie, was spotted at a playground, but again disappeared.

About 15 Montgomery Police Officers searched for her, but it was Officer Jonathan Pruziner that followed his instincts and a drainage pipe. He searched pools, the playground, but found Sahara suffering from hypothermia on her back near a pond.

It was only in the 30’s that day and the little girl did not have a coat. Sahara’s mom, Mary Wimpy, is a campus public safety officer. She knew she needed to thank her daughter’s hero. She was filled with emotion as she thanked him at the 5th District Station.

“That was my worst fear, when I got to her and saw her condition, she was pale, she was shaking, she was foaming at the mouth, I thought she was dying my arms, and that’s why I’m thankful to this officer because if he didn’t find her, she wouldn’t be here, she wouldn’t be here at all,” said Wimpy.

Officer Pruziner said he was so relieved to find the little girl. He says moments like this are why officers put on a uniform every day.


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